Friday, November 5, 2010

Some interest in Clique Space(TM)

I have been receiving some interest in my concept. This is great to see because I'm rather hoping I'm not crazy about this stuff. Otherwise, I'd rather hope to be able to walk having tried my best, and having proven another concept of mine wrong.

Here's some of the comments I've received from some people who are involved in the identity community. I have tried to remove identifying characteristics of the individuals concerned.
  1. This is extremely relevant in a federation and my initial cursor review of your paper sparks a bit of interest.

  2. [In later correspondence, the same respondent as 1 commented] This fits and benefits various sized federation environments so I am more than fleetingly interested.

  3. I'm somewhat interested in the idea since I've been thinking about the "Internet of Things" from a capability POV lately.
There have been other comments one could judge as largely positive made privately, but the comments I give here expressed sentiments I believe I could separate from identifying characteristics of the respondents while keeping their context.

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