Sunday, November 21, 2010

A letter titled: "What you may want to do about my enrolment."

My local university has shown the same side to me as ever they have. I have given up on the fantasy that they might be able to help.
I am unsure whether you [the person I believe is the HPS - the 'to' recipient of this email] are still responsible for these matters (I don't know - nor should it require my effort to know - who actually is) but I tell you because I previously understood you to be the person responsible. Please forward this message to the person who is responsible should you no longer be such a person.

It has been almost two weeks since I last visited "my supervisor" [the 'CC' recipient of this email]. In that "meeting" my frustrations about his inability to keep a regular fortnightly appointment boiled over when I witnessed his indignant rebuttal of my efforts almost border on intimidation. Such behaviour as I witnessed appeared wholly hypocritical; he did not wish to express an interest in my idea by sticking to a regular fortnightly appointment, and now he's getting impatient with me?

Anyway, I witness such an incident as merely another instance where university staff attempt somehow to morally elevate themselves above their responsibilities to their students. Academic staff generally appear to expect a student to somehow respond to this distancing by devoting all one's time to the task of appeasement. It appears that this posture (this academic culture) is incompatible with me and my version of human respect.

Hence, without a better suggestion, I wish to withdraw from my degree program and finally cast aside once and for all time, any misguided notions of support and respect which may have been carelessly planted in my head as a younger man. I'm not a socially engaging individual, so regardless of how useful the contents of my mind might actually be (I'm making no claims here), I'm willing to accept that I don't have a personality type that disposes me to get on in academia.

This will be the last time you receive correspondence from me about this matter unless, after receiving encouragement to do so, I consider there are other points to make.
Who gives a toss...

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