Sunday, November 21, 2010

Invention and the inventor.

These deliberations come to you today because I'm rather pissed off about how I am (or might be) treated as an inventor. If I am indeed treated in the way that I might be, the society in which I, you, and everyone else dwells aught not to laud curiosity and inventiveness as a way by which individuals receive a reward; it's a fallacy, backed up by relatively few success stories of arbitrary origin, which perpetuates the larger myth that one's individual efforts are rewarded. Legends like these are the bullshit that sustains the stupid (myself amongst them) to cough up a great idea only to have no consideration paid for it.

Posthumous awards may await - piss off if they do; I want recognition in this lifetime or none at all. In this lifetime, I need some one or more people to recognise a potential - to take a chance - in my ideas. The worst thing that could happen is that they're crap. Knowing that an idea is crap is knowledge (a reward) in itself.

Not knowing whether an idea is feasible or crap is frustration to the inquisitive. Not having people to help one find out the feasibility/crappiness of an idea only prolongs the frustration. Having someone else claim a another inventor's feasible idea is downright betrayal, and posthumous recognition of a feasible idea is a waste of the notion of a quid pro quo for an inventor's time.

I'll go on with this exercise, only because I have nothing better to do with my time antehumous (that sounds like a word) and so working on Clique Space may save me from an insanity that springs from boredom, until, like yourself, death catches me.

Clique Space(TM) is mine. Help me prove that it works while I'm alive god damn you.

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