Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A definition of the Client Device.

I can't leave it alone. My last posting has been niggling me since I posted it. If I don't clearly define this Client Device term, I feel as though a central piece of my concept becomes ambiguous, and my concept weakens.

My concept is clear. Although it has become clearer because I've given time to its implementation in a computer language, the concept has not changed substantially since I put it down in my prov January 2008.

Here's a clear definition: A Client Device describes properties about the device and the individual that controls it. The Client Device is a manifestation of any physical hardware device, software process, or any other concept that can be so expressed in Clique Space. The Client Device is hence, a realisation of a Clique Space entity as a compendium of Clique Space Elements. This notion is left intentionally philosophical because the concept quickly fractures when you try to explain a Client Device as a particular arrangement of Clique Space Elements; I think it's best to think of a Client Device as a holistic, though still discrete entity; instances of which can be expressed through different collections of Clique Space Elements.

Glad to have gotten that off my chest.

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  1. Hence, the Client Device is an explanatory convenience. The Client Device remains as relevant in explaining the concept today as it did when I had registered the prov in 2008.