Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clique Space(TM) and NSW politics.

Again, another post (this time to an ABC television programme called the 7:30 report). I re-post it here because there is no guarantee at the time this blog entry was written that my post will appear there. It's 375 words long, and the web site to which I posted the original says that one's posts should not be longer than 100 words. So, at least I can guarantee that it appears here.

Here it is:

Mr O'Brien. I hope you'll excuse me for a reply that is more than 100 words; this is succinct as I could manage.

If you would like to discuss solutions to Australia's population and urban crises, you might like to include work from home in your discussion.

I am from Wollongong, and since I started in my professional capacity as a software designer, I have had to deal continually with the issue of displacement.

I like Wollongong, and I like software development. Almost 25 years ago, I took to software development as a career choice because I found that programming computers was an interesting and absorbing occupation that I could do from home.

Now, 2.5 decades later, I find that in order to participate in this career, one has to entertain what I consider the pathological association between this profession and a need to physically collocate. The consequence is ultimately to leave ones home town or to spend a significant fraction of one's life commuting from where one lives to an office desk where one works.

This is intolerable to me, and the antithesis of why I started down this career path.

If you like to get Mr Carr on your programme, and if you like to let him say the debate is over with regard to the building of concrete enclaves and sucking people into them, then maybe you might like to let me, another individual, take an opposing view, and let me talk about the troubles I've had in achieving my happiness - especially when such a man as Mr Carr, as premier of NSW, might systematically, with pernicious cajoling intent, thwart my goals in life and replace them with what he thinks they should be.

It is a pity that I cannot give you my email address privately so that you might have a chance to respond privately to my suggestion. However, rather than quoting my email address here, look up "Clique Space" (include the quotes) on Google. Do this, and you shall find a lot of information on a concept that would help managers and employees realise a virtual work-from-home environment. You will also find out how to get in contact with me, as well as a lot more about me.

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