Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clique Space(TM) and more development.

Yet another development update.

I have decided to delay implementation of the Agent Collaboration Clique Space for now because the Clique Space semantics have still to be sufficiently developed, and a collaboration of cooperating agents is not something that I'm trying to prove. It'll come later.

So, currently, I can get a Client Device to connect, and can tell its Connection to disconnect. I can get the Connection to activate, and can tell the resulting Active Affiliation to deactivate. I can get this Active Affiliation to form a bipartite Clique with the Active Affiliation of the serving Agent Device, and I can tell this Clique to disband. In short, I've got a functioning skeleton for device connection semantics. It's looking good.

Currently, however, this communication is only from Client Device to serving Agent Device. I have a very strong idea of how I want to implement a system that alerts Client Devices in state and existential changes in the Elements they have obtained projections for. But for now, I'll implement (what perhaps is) a compromise solution that gets the Agent Device to alert connected Client Devices of changes.

This could be implemented before I present the prototype in March 11 at Wollongong uni. See this site for details.

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