Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clique Space(TM) and collaborative devices.

All Client Devices are collaborative for by definition, they collaborate with Clique Space. Because a device would (also, by definition) become a Client Device if it were capable of obtaining a Connection with a Clique Space, any such device can therefore be called collaborative, even if the only thing it is collaborating directly with is a Clique Space system.

In the abstract of my research report on Clique Space, I said that Clique Space models device collaborations over an arbitrary number of media. I have always considered Clique Space a type of medium, and the Agent Devices that make a Clique Space system to be Client Devices that collaborate in a Clique Space. I have steadfastly asserted that a Clique Space can be modelled inside itself or another Clique Space as a Clique where the Participants are the Agent Devices.

Hence, I intend any device that can be connected to a Clique Space - including devices that are not collaborative per se to be collaborative merely for the fact that each Client Device is collaborating with the Clique Space system. A car, a golf ball, a washing machine, a rotorlacter, etc. (if any can be connected to a Clique Space) are collaborative devices.

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