Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clique Space(TM) and yet another blog entry.

After listening to an article on the news, I wrote the following to the person featured in it. I thought I'd share it here because I think it's a good letter, and I invite anyone else to act as the letter instructs. The only thing I have done to change the content is to remove the first few sentences that could identify who the recipient might be. I do respect people's right to anonymity.

Here it is:

I have invented something that I have called Clique Space, and I would perhaps like you to indulge your imagination on just what it does, as there is no practical implementation of the technology [interjection: just yet - though at the time this blog was put up (a day after this letter was sent) I am tantalisingly close]. I am putting a proof-of-concept together between writing emails to people like yourself about it.

Imagine a system where you can connect any personal device you possess to it. Other people do the same. You connect each device to it through an Account that represents you as an individual. You can also elect to represent yourself, your employer, or any other club or association you might be a member of, and this representation acts as a way to limit the visibility of the devices you have connected to others, and maybe also the way these devices interact. This is basically what Clique Space does.

I believe Clique Space is not a Google anything, an Apple anything, or any other type of anything, but I do think that the anythings one possesses can be connected to a Clique Space so that the devices can be controlled, and so individuals can take device activity audit logs of any interactions they may have through the devices while they are connected to a Clique Space. Clique Space does not replace the mechanism that devices already use to communicate, so it isn't a middle-ware anything either.

I have, for a very long time thought that this idea is a sorely needed piece of a device integration puzzle that will become more obvious as time moves on, and so, I have registered an international patent for the technology. I'd like to know from you whether you think my idea might offer the same promise.

No one's really bashing down my door to help me implement this system, but I think that's because I'm one person who chooses, for lifestyle reasons, not to go to where the action might be. Hence, I would also like to know if you might to perhaps write about it. I can give you more info on Clique Space.

Get back to me when you can.



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