Saturday, January 2, 2010

Implementation Progress of Clique Space(TM).

Reporting on very good news. Every time I get a piece of Clique Space functioning, I continue to be bolstered by the prospect that this concept might actually work. Right now, the (to-be Clique Space administrator) Client Device can create a Clique Space representing itself, and can obtain a Connection to an Agent Device's Clique Space and an Agent Collaboration Clique Space from an Agent Device. I have been able to do this for some time in earlier iterations, but only now am I reasonably confident that I am doing it correctly.

Currently, I cannot disconnect from these Clique Spaces; I believe this is a trivial enhancement, and is one that has been working in previous iterations.

Now, I've partially integrated the Agent Collaboration mechanism into the Agent Collaboration Clique Space. Much of the Agent Collaboration concept was realised by last April when after that date, I began to put together the Clique Space. So, the Agent Collaboration was put aside from then until now, but I have returned to it and am using the lessons I learned about the implementation of the Clique Space to integrate the Agent Collaboration.

So, I think I almost have the framework of a proven concept. Once I have integrated the Agent Collaboration, I believe I can expose Agent Device functionality in a collection of Enabling Constraints which are associated with the Media Profile of the "Remote Client". The remote client is the first Media Profile, and encodes the functioning of the Agent Device itself.

Every component here except the Enabling Constraints has been implemented, but I remain confident that the Enabling Constraints will have their deliverance.


  1. Shortly after writing this blog entry, I came to the conclusion that I really did need to finalise the way the Client Device obtains its elements from the Agent Device to which it connects.

    So now, for a device or a collaboration Clique Space, in under a week I was able to pull what I have so far done together so that the Client Device can Connect to a Clique Space and Activate an Affiliation contained on it.

    I'm very happy with this...

  2. In so far as concerns the remote client's Media Profile, I can Connect a Client Device, Activate a Connection and an Affiliation, and form an "asymmetric bipartite" Clique (probably a characteristic of the most common form of Clique) to an Agent Device.

    Clique Space is alive!

  3. Oh, I can also disband a clique, deactivate an Active Affiliation, and Disconnect and Agent Device.

    I'm going back to the Agent Collaboration...