Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perhaps Account -> Ego?

I have been deliberating over my foray into amateur psychoanalysis, and I'm giving positive reflection over the term Ego as a replacement for Account.

On Wiki at the same reference as quoted in my earlier blog entry, the ego "includes defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive, and executive functions". This passage also says that the ego "seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways that will benefit in the long term rather than bringing grief". This last point is rather interesting.

Clique Space was conceived as a tool that a particular user might use to control, model, coordinate and record the activity of any device they possess which they have connected to Clique Space (through their Account, or Ego as I am arguing here). Hence, if a given user's ego continually tries to find a balance between the narcissistic drive of the id and the moral ideals of the super-ego, then it is the ego that is making the decisions, and is ultimately held to account (or Account as per Clique Space's design intent) for them.

Hence, if, through devices one has connected to a Clique Space, these devices' actions are mapped to an individual (or one's ego) and are controlled, modelled, coordinated and recorded in relation to the decisions of other egos likewise connected, then surely, the term Ego would be an intuitive replacement.

The term Ego is three letters long. If, in the implementation, one used the label "Ego" to denote the Ego Element, and one used the label "EGO" to denote its generic parameterisation (I regularly use parameterisation labels of three letters; like "APN" to denote a place where a particular implementation of an Account Profile's node is substituted), then the Element and its parameterisation labels are of equal length, which is cute.

The generic label equivalent of the Identity is "I". That's cute too.

In fact, an analogue could be drawn between the self, having one ego, but many identities; and the Client Device which itself, should the Element's label "Account" be replaced with "Ego", possesses one Ego and one or more Identities in Clique Space. Hence, the self, or the individual, or even the psyche, would remain a holistic reference.

Maybe it would be better to try to avoid direct usage of the term Ego; maybe it would be better to be more precise about the function of this Element by modifying the noun: Ego Token might be a better possibility. Semantic games perhaps. Hmmm...

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