Saturday, June 16, 2012

Account -> "Repropsyche"?

Kudos to my mother for this one.

Possibly, in inventing a term, one can introduce a concept that is free of the weight of culture. My mother's invention appears to be a fair to good attempt. The term acknowledges the representative association of the Account to that bit of an self that doesn't change; that bit of a self that if it did change, would no longer be that bit of the same self: that bit of the individual which the individual would acknowledge cannot change.

More importantly, the term also underscores the fact that the Element is nothing but a representation of the phenomenon of the self - or psyche; something which can legitimately be said would necessarily escape containment. I am loath to assert Clique Space's capacity to contain any substance of this nature.

It's one word. So far as I know, this word is an invention, and hence carries no cultural baggage. No other Element starts with an R, and that means that the Element can be parameterised "R". Nothing else appears to be cute about this, and that might be a good thing.


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