Friday, June 29, 2012

My Proprietary Interest in the Clique Space(TM) Technology.

One can follow this blog from when I started it in July 2009, and clearly observe that I have asserted over and over again, my claim that the Clique Space concept is mine, and that specifically, the term "Clique Space" is a descriptive trademark I am claiming proprietorship of. I have claimed trademark ownership of "Clique Space" at least since I registered the PCT: one will find the name and the TM citation in the document as it was submitted to WIPO. One can observe over the interval, that this blog has been making numerous and repetitive invitations to elicit interest for specific others' support; support which has often (as in the case of Wollongong University) been explicitly turned down.

One can follow this blog from when I started it in July 2009, and clearly observe the open invitation for enquiry by anyone who reads this blog. Hence, although I assert that Clique Space, its concept, and its developed technology is, in its current entirety, an effort wholly undertaken by me, Owen Paul Thomas, a resident of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, I have been trying for at least this same amount of time to garner help from any party anywhere in this world in my proprietary interest; an interest which I believe will pay a great general dividend to those people that respond.

I proclaim that my Clique Space concept will, in time, demonstrate itself to be indispensable in general social interaction. A complex, organised and truly global society, enjoying the fruit that Clique Space yields both in terms of the expression of society and the individuals it is composed of, will identify the degree to which Clique Space demonstrates its efficacy. I believe that the ubiquitous usage of Clique Space will, in times hence, prove that my conception of this Clique Space thing was defining epoch in the evolution of this thing we generally know as society...

These claims may sound grandiose, nay on delusional, but I have been working patiently, steadily, and solitarily on this thing for some time, and if I have delusional tendencies, my psychiatrist - a specialist whom I have known for about as long as this blog has existed - would have prescribed me medication and told me that taking it as directed is perhaps a good idea. He hasn't; he has specifically said that he doesn't think medication is required in my situation.

So, taking my cue from my psychiatrist and generally observing those with whom I share some personal relationship, I assess that I am not in need of intervention; that I am indeed sane and humble enough to create a solution, as robust as it might be elegant, that encapsulates a concept for which I also claim a patent - registered after 3.5 years deliberation in January 2008. I have been working on the implementation of this solution for more than four years since leaving my last employment due to the fact that irreconcilable differences experienced between myself and six employers previously presented themselves as similarly unnavigable in July 2008.

Although my efforts to present my idea have been ignored continually since I conceived the idea in mid-2004, I have persisted with it. I registered a provisional patent in January 2008, and started implementing it in Java SE in July 2008. I use NetBeans as my IDE, SVN for code versioning (provenance) management, on Ubuntu. I thank the fact that these products are completely free because I would not otherwise be able to implement this concept as "effortlessly" as these products allow. However, even with this effortlessness, I didn't think it would take as long as it has so far taken to get to where I am currently. Although the concept itself is very simple, the lack of foreknowledge of the detail of the implementation, and the lack of help and possibly even understanding from others of the help they might have been able to offer, I have persevered alone; I can thus far make my claim to this technology, in its entirety, as exclusively my own.

Hence, this entry is a reiteration of an appeal to interested others to offer their help. The idea is proprietary, and, I am hoping, a product which can be sold. There are certainly legal obstacles to be overcome provided others are willing to play the legal game fairly and offer their help openly. Doing so would also protect their interest should a party, in offering their help, become a stake-holder in this proprietary interest.

Here, I will assert further trademarks. Namely the following:
  • The Clique Space Axle or the term "Axle" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
  • The Clique Space Agent Device or the term "Agent Device" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
  • The Clique Space Client Device or "Client Device" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
  • The Clique Space Clique or "Clique" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
  • The Clique Space Account Profile or "Account Profile" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
  • The Clique Space Media Profile or "Media Profile" as it would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept. 
  • The Clique Space Enabling Constraint or "Enabling Constraint" and the Clique Space Limiting Constraint or "Limiting Constraint" as they would appear in relationship to the discussion of Clique Space or any related concept.
I will assert a similar proprietary interest over the terms Connection, Affiliation, Identity, and Constraint though perhaps I doubt more the ability for this interest to be asserted with clarity because of the general use of these terms.

Primarily, I state this condition of use around all trademarks I have so asserted: I will bare no claim to the terms' usage elsewhere, except where it is evident that the usage of these terms appears to garner interest or revenue in a competing idea - if such an idea that doesn't infringe on my patent could be conceived. I would be respectful, and definitely honoured, if one used these terms in reference to one's own initiatives that would draw on my Clique Space concept as something that these technology vendors have specific intent to use. However, I would certainly anticipate that others who had formed such an intent would definitely have formalised their own business relationship with Clique Space and its technology before they made such statements.

I'm trying hard to be a fair, a good, and a proper man. I hope my efforts in making an open attempt to offer what I have to other people are recognised as being efforts that might come from such a man. I'm really hoping the reader has (you have) a similar intent. Get in contact with me directly (my email is available from clicking my name below the "About Me" details of this blog) if your intents are as sincere as mine.

My patent has evolved through a PCT and is currently in the process of examination in AU, NZ, and US jurisdictions. My code base is currently completely proprietary and closed source however I believe that in the future I would like to see the code released on some general purpose license.

I envisage that the prime business value of any organisation formed around the use of the technology to be a publicly accessible Clique Space - the "Public" Clique Space - that would offer usage to individuals operating as "themselves" free of charge. The Public Clique Space would receive revenue from a type of usage that required another organisation to "federate" its own Clique Space with the Public Clique Space. To this end, I envisage that the Public Clique Space Organisation would be an internationally recognised trading name of the entity set up to execute the administration of the Public Clique Space domain. In terms of Clique Space federations, Clique Space is a highly configurable environment which would allow a degree of fine-grained control unparalleled in any other available technology. Pricing schemes can be set up and levied against this configuration versatility to organisations willing to participate in a federation at whatever level will serve these other organisations' varied needs.

I would not run the Public Clique Space Organisation (I haven't got the required competencies), but I like to think that I'll retain an equity stake in it.


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  2. 1 July 2012 12:26 pm AEST: Hello China. I've noticed you visit twice this month, and it appears that you have only visited this blog twice in its entirety. I'm looking forward to a mutual exchange of pleasant conversation soon.

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