Friday, June 15, 2012

Account -> Individual or Account -> Self?

Just to underscore a point, I'm thinking about renaming the Account to the Individual. It just seems appropriate because like the reason for renaming the Account Profile to Identity, an Account quacks just like an individual should.

Or, perhaps, the Account can be renamed to the Soul, or Self, or Id, or Ego. Hmm...

I'm tilting to Self. It's rather straightforward.

Usage of the term Soul seems too controversial and tainted by its association to religious dogma. Id and Ego seem inappropriate based on the definitions that lead to both being mere components of a self - Sigmund Freud's structural model of the Self or Psyche.

Psyche might be more acceptable, but yet, this term seems to be a synonym for the self, which I prefer because of its straightforwardness. No other Element starts with an S, so the choice of a name that starts with a unique letter lends itself to reasons that make Self a good selection in the implementation. Also, the shape of the letter S bares similar symmetry to a yin-yang (or 'Taijitu'. if one consults Wikipedia)... which scores highly on cuteness.

According to Wikipedia, "conscious awareness resides in the ego", but I think it is taking things to far to ascribe things like this to any single part of the Clique Space concept; clearly, doing this should be avoided. However, the concept being represented here is something that has constancy, and even a sense of sacredness. The Account, or in at least this blog entry, the Self, is that part of the individual that the individual can have exclusive sovereignty over in Clique Space.

I am quite confident that Clique Space has the capacity to preserve the sovereignty of the Self, and thereby the Self can act as a reliable token which can be used by the actual self it represents. I believe that the data model, as conceived and refined, has this capability as a designed intent.

Hmmm... Self... and amateur psychoanalysis, and possibly an illustration of the ego's ability to rationalise (possibly in this case, to intellectualise, or even to think magically)... on this blog: I love it!

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