Friday, July 9, 2010

Clique Space(TM) progress report.

I am deliberating the implementation of a major part of the innovative essence of Clique Space: how to determine whether a Clique can form.

This can be systematically worked out by finding the intersection of Media Profiles common to all nominated Active Affiliations, and then determining if the Clique Owner's Limiting Constraints can be applied to each Active Affiliation (including the Owner) without contradiction.

If there are no contradictions, the Clique can form. If there are contradictions, the Clique cannot form, and each contradiction will be made evident. A variation to this could be that the Owner could elect (through a Limiting Constraint) that a Clique may form provided a quorum of Participants is generated, even if some of the Active Affiliations cannot participate.

So, I believe I need something like an abstract method for Active Affiliations that will be implemented in a given Media Profile customisation. It looks like this method will accept 1: a set derived of the intersection of Media Profiles common to all member Active Affiliations (this will become the Clique's medium), and 2: the Clique Owner's Active Affiliation. It looks probable that this method will return a Participant for the Active Affiliation it is called on, or a list of contradictions. The method will return both if the user will permit the variation described above.

I remain confident...

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