Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Profound maxim #1: Understanding the paradox of sentience.

I have just returned from a jog along Wollongong's foreshore. It's a drab day. Sheets of rain falling between speckled intervals of grey on a cycleway devoid of all but the seagulls; a great day to run and meditate.

Maxim: Sentience defines what is sacred, and so is sacred itself. Its container must not leak.


  1. Corollary: Because sentience contains itself, it cannot know exactly what it contains.

    Lemma: The sentient's search for ultimate truth is as futile as it is endless.

  2. Much of the functioning of the self will remain an impervious mystery; it is supposed to. However, with Clique Space as a tool, one can peer into the mechanisms that manifest one's self and, where consent is authorised, those of others.

    Clique Space allows one to look at and systematically alter one's own mind.