Sunday, July 18, 2010

IP registration and the consequences for Clique Space(TM)

The 30 month deadline has passed without financial backing to secure further national phases. The 31 month deadline looks likely to pass with a similar vein hope of securing a foothold in jurisdictions where I have 31 months. I'm not currently sure what I should say about development progress on Clique Space.

I am still enrolled for study, but only three national phase applications is not a positive outcome, and will tax my motivation to complete my research program. The only comfort I might be able to take from the publication of my idea is the fact that it is prior art. It's no one's idea, and hence, no one will be able to register it. Still, I have three national phases (one being the United States) so should there be any competitor activity, I may yet be able to claim licensing income in these jurisdictions, but even this is not given.

No one has helped me. Wollongong University has extended to me nothing beyond the enrolment. The opportunity for a backer to gain exclusive access to a market has slipped away. Negligence has bestowed a critical wound to a business proposal for a concept that I think will, in time, prove to be an indispensable tool for many types of collaborative activity.

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