Friday, December 25, 2009

Clique Space(TM) and the argument for regional, rural and remote economic sustainability.

A friend of mine quizzed me on the utility of a system like Clique Space in relation to non-metropolitan economic sustainability. The argument is a corollary of that earlier post.

  • Clique Space would provide an environment in which physical is replaced with virtual collocation. Contributors in this environment would be earning an income commensurate with any other physically collocated contributor, and hence, would be bringing this money in to the community where they live. This money would flow through their community, in turn fostering wealth, jobs and the opportunity for others who possess skills that don't readily lend themselves to the same degree of autonomy to stay where they may prefer to reside.
Currently, the persistent trend has been away from this ideal; people are coming together which is putting pressure on others to do likewise. This pressure creates a kind of a gravitation that interferes with the wishes of those who respond negatively to this growing stimulus to be physically bounded together.

The malaise created by what in many respects is a kind of social claustrophobia becomes, if reversed with the help of a system like Clique Space, a means by which an environment of economic self-sustainability might flow to regional, rural and remote communities and individuals. Money starts flowing toward rather than away from people who wish to keep themselves at a distance, because these people have greater latitude to contribute in occupations that derive incomes, yet without having to consider what the greater loss is: to give up the prospect of an income, or to forego the solitude they desire.

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