Sunday, May 6, 2012

More about Client Devices

Again, my definition of the Client Device needs clarification, and this entry is meant to mark a point at which the clarification will take place.

A Client Device as an abstract notion is an ensemble of Connections and Affiliations relating to a singular Identity. An Identity relates to a singular Account, and all the component Connections and Affiliations are registrations against this same singular Account. A particular instance of an Account, a Connection, or an Affiliation may be referred to in zero or more Identities. Identities may have zero or more Participants, but a Participant refers back to a singular Identity.

Therefore, a singular Identity, and its component Connections, Affiliations, and Participants comprise the abstract notion of a Clique Space(TM) Client Device.

I have also historically referred to the Client Device as any device which is Clique Space aware. In these cases, I have also referred to these devices as possessing a device activity View or a device activity stream persistence mechanism. In the future, I will try to avoid referring to the Client Device in this way. Any device other than the Agent Device will be referred to simply as a device, and if it is pertinent to state that the device has a view or persistence mechanism in the particular context, this will be probably be mentioned. The device permitting administration of Agent Devices and Clique Spaces being developed in parallel to the Agent Device will henceforth be referred to simply as the Clique Space administrator device or simply the administrator device if the context permits the term Clique Space to be dropped.

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