Sunday, May 27, 2012

Deliberating constraints... once more.

Clique Space(TM) is a constraint based system. Constraints are properties: Enabling Constraints are properties which are contained in Media Profiles and give Cliques their Medium; Limiting Constraints are properties which can appear in any Element and give Cliques their mode because they are values which associate with specific Enabling Constraints in a Clique's Medium. This combination of Enabling and Limiting Constraints can be used to control the devices of the collaboration being modelled by the Clique.

Although Limiting Constraints carry expression in Participants, they can be assigned to any Element so the underlying device-specific collaboration's participants can be shaped in accordance to the context served by a particular Element. For instance, if a Limiting Constraint is assigned to a particular Account, that Limiting Constraint will find expression in any device of the appropriate medium used by the Account holder - the individual "self" that is operating the device. If the Limiting Constraint appeared in an Account Profile, that Limiting Constraint will find expression in any device of the appropriate medium in accordance with some role-based hierarchy of organisational privileges. Finer levels of device control can be obtained by assigning Limiting Constraints to the other five Element types.

Because the Agent Device is a device like any other, Clique and Element access and general user interaction (governed by the mutual consent of the individual users rather than the Clique Space system itself) can be controlled through the application of Limiting Constraints to a Clique's Medium's Enabling Constraints of any device so connected to a Clique Space by any individual Account holder who so connects their devices.

At least, that's the intention. It's coming together slowly, and my deliberations currently revolve around the implementation of this constraint mechanism. There is to be some remodelling of the existing pieces. Identifiers will become mere properties. This appears to imply somewhat of a simplification of the implementation in that properties become the exclusive units of transmission. Properties will contain their own generic transmission mechanism, and hence identifier transmitters might be removed. I appear to sense that properties will natively replace the current precis proxy objects, so the concept of the precis might be dropped too.

All this simplification may free up a few names that I can re-use as I intended originally. I am glad to see terms finally take forms closer to the original intent, and this is as much because a simple system is better than a complex one than it might be vindication of my original concept.

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