Friday, December 16, 2011

Clique Space(TM): appropriation without consideration?

Before I embarked on proving my idea in July 2008, I asked myself what chance was there for me, an individual who has neither strong connections with nor direct access to people with means to help develop Clique Space, to have my claim to my idea recognised as such by the society within which I exist? By what means am I, one person in this world without direct access to appropriate legal measures, able to defend myself against others who may come to desire the appropriation of my idea?

There doesn't appear to be much I can do. I've got to tell others what I am doing, or no one will know. I've got to disclose enough of my idea to others so that an interest may be generated. I have to do this with the hope that the interest I may generate returns a consideration for my endeavours at a future point in time.

Hence, I have disclosed and re-disclosed my concept. The fact that this world has not registered much of an overt interest over these repetitive disclosures might be frustrating to a younger Owen Thomas. Yet as a 37 year old man, I have come to bare witness to an ocean of astonishingly perverse frustration wrought by the collective action of others. Whether borne of ignorance, sentimentality, perniciousness , fatalism, hubris, or a combination of all of these origins, the machinations one feels the world capable of exacting on me might consume the invention and me as its inventor in a whirlpool of frustration. I hope philosophical detachment might be enough to keep my sanity should these wrong things be done to me.

So, I've got to do my best to steer away from this inevitability. Disclosing, re-disclosing, and re-disclosing again is in a way, an attempt of mine to openly lay claim to these ideas. This blog, and everything else that I might put in the public domain are attempts by me to rid any with malicious intent simply appropriating this idea. I've done my best, with a PCT in January 2008, and national phase registration in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States a year after, to enshrine the idea in patent form. I simply didn't have enough money to register in other jurisdictions before the PCT period lapsed; the cost was about 15 thousand dollars to get what I got.

I intend to continue disclosing my concept, and any future significant progress I make in my implementation. I simply appear to have no other protection against appropriation without consideration. It would be the right thing to do if others, inspired by my concept, would get back to me. It would just be the right thing to do.

While my implementation is my property, and my implementation still remains to be legitimately disclosed in the public domain, distribution of my property amongst others with the capability to help me develop it is a condition for which I am willing to negotiate.

Hence, you needn't try to figure out what I have put together by reading my public disclosures; it won't be as profitable a proposition for you than approaching me would be. I believe I will shortly be able to demonstrate that I have done it. In the next months, I believe I will be able to demonstrate that my concept works. As far as I know, your understanding of my concept may still lack salient features, facts which I consider trivial, and have glossed over. Being that I cannot read your mind, I cannot know what you need to know. I think it would be easier for you to talk to me, and together, we can work out how to deliver Clique Space to a global market.

Early this year, I disclosed much of the functionality of Clique Space in this Oracle forum. In this particular example of a disclosure as with any other disclosure that I have made, I am attempting simply to elicit interest in it by people for whom I consider may have the ability to help in some way; coders, especially Java coders, being my target in the Oracle forum.

Before I finish. I note that this week's blog activity shows quite a few page views coming from Russia. I dare not follow links of referring sites lest they contain something undesirable. If some one or more people from Russia wish to know more about Clique Space, I would sincerely welcome their getting in contact with me.


  1. Activity from my Russian friends really spiked when I first published this message. Come on people, do what I have said: get in direct contact with me.

  2. Sorry my Russian friends. Email, or phone me. For reasons which I outline in this blog entry, I'm not going to click on

  3. I've taken a look at what others say about these Russian sites, and will now discount any page views from Russia from further consideration in my stats.

    Piss off!

  4. Ooo... a page view from China. Maybe, perhaps, China is trying to tell me something about its intents around appropriation and consideration? That'd be sad if true. This'll stand here as sentinel of the possibility; maybe I'm wrong. Any thing is possible, and I'm bound to find out.