Friday, December 9, 2011

Another letter...

Firstly, my apologies go to Ray Kurzweil for naming him as the person to which the letter quoted herein was sent. I'm going back on earlier statements that I wouldn't do this because I didn't think it polite to do so, but I only wish here to point out that I have written to him about my concept. Any personal reply Mr Kurzweil makes to my letter will be treated as a personal reply.

This letter is also quoted because it restates the objective of Clique Space(TM) from possibly another vantage point. Explanations of what Clique Space is might not paint a picture in large brush-strokes so much as empty a large bucket of paint on the reader.

Here it is:
  • Hello Mr Kurzweil

    I was interested in a recent interview you had with an Australian journalist and thought you might be interested in what I'm doing.

    I believe I have come up with a way to construct a software system which behaves exactly like a nervous system. I've called it Clique Space. A Clique Space is composed of a cluster of one or more Agent Devices. There is no theoretical limit to the number of collaborating Agent Devices in a Clique Space, and I assert that each Agent Device functions like a neuron. A logical structure similar to a synapse is created when one Agent Device engages another. Message units called Elements are passed around and between clique Spaces through a packaging mechanism somewhat similar in logical consequence to neurotransmitters. Although all this has been merely a coincidence of necessity, I think the coincidence is curious.

    I assert that this system will be able to model (and may even control) any device which is capable of connecting to and exchanging state information with an Agent Device in a Clique Space and represent this activity as some activity of an individual autonomous sentience which has claimed possession of a collection of devices thus connected. The interactivity of devices is modelled and perhaps controlled (limited by the way the particular device functions) as Cliques where each Participant represents an individual operator. As Agent Devices are themselves just a device, the way Agent Devices are modelled and controlled is no different to the way any device is ultimately modelled and controlled in a Clique Space; hence a Clique Space can be (and is) modelled within itself or another Clique Space as a Clique.

    I appear to be a shunned inventor, and although I have been trying to elicit interest in my idea for three years, I have been working solo on this concept for at least this long. Although my proof-of-concept is still incomplete, I believe it currently can demonstrate to the educated onlooker that Clique Space is certainly plausible. Subsequent to my coining the term Clique (and apparently Clique Space for that matter), I have learned that current research in biological neural systems is beginning to gravitate toward these notions, and has adopted these terms to describe similar phenomena.

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  1. I have changed some of the quoted email (just a bit) to correct some spelling and grammar, and to convey intended sentiment.