Friday, August 20, 2010

Clique Space(TM) Progress Report

About 15 seconds ago, I committed revision 265 to SVN.

In this revision, a Client Device can now disband a Clique, deactivate a Connection and disconnect a Client Device through another remote Client Device. This draws Clique Space a little closer to some of the capabilities I have envisaged it would have since 2004.

Eventually, functionality like this will enable a device's operator (a Clique Space Account holder) to nominate through which particular devices one wishes others to know about one's cyberspatial presence. Being able to remotely control devices through the whole Clique Space access schema (connection, activation, forming/joining, leaving/disbanding, deactivation, disconnection) equips the individual user with control over these devices.

A device would normally transition from connected to activated after the user has authenticated the Connection that was obtained using their Account. As no other Clique Space user except the Account holder can see a Connection until it is activated, the Account holder has a chance to accept the Connection as authentic by activating it - thereby obtaining an Active Affiliation - or rejecting the Connection as inauthentic by disconnecting it - thereby removing the Connection, or simply leaving the Connection alone.

My confidence in this concept's efficacy grows still.

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