Tuesday, May 4, 2010

UOW approves Masters by Research on Clique Space(TM).

This morning, I received an email from (who is now) my assigned research supervisor giving their approval for a research masters degree with Clique Space as the subject matter.

Excellent stuff. This university (my Alma Mater - because I live here) is a good one. I am hoping this will give me a good incubation environment where the concept's efficacy can be tested. Should this idea prove successful, I hope the university will be able to reduce obstacles to commercial development.


  1. It didn't happen. Within two months, I withdrew from the university due to frustration with the supervisor's lack of being able to form and stick to an agreed consultation routine.

  2. The university also didn't extend funding for patents in more jurisdictions; something I was hoping the uni would take an investment interest in - even to merely extend the money in the form of a loan, but no.

    Hence, seeing that nothing would come from my attempts to involve an academic community in my endeavours, I disposed of my involvement with them.