Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clique Space(TM) progress report.

My goal of modelling in real-time, interactions between individuals, anonymous or otherwise, that involve any device, any medium and any affiliation is farther along today than I thought myself worthy of. Two years ago, I had thought that the idea sounded good, but that possibly, there was a deep flaw somewhere in it. While I had rather cynically perhaps anticipated that there had been undocumented records of others who followed the path I am now on, I'm getting more confident about how this is shaping up with every passing day. It really appears to be efficacious.

Note, that my posting history should disclose the fact that I believe Clique Space is like nothing else currently conceived by anyone else - as far as I have been able to tell. I've already mentioned in a previous blog-post how Clique Space isn't middleware. I've already mentioned how Clique Space isn't a Multi-User Virtual Environment. I have already delineated the quintessential difference between Clique Space and other products like Google Wave. However, I'll reiterate it here just to make it clear:

  • Clique Space(TM) models collaborative encounters by individuals.
That's it. How these collaborations function is up to the hardware doing the collaborating. Hence, Clique Space isn't a middleware system. It also isn't a Google Wave because Clique Space leaves the question of what "content" of a collaboration is modelled unanswered. Ultimately again, this is a question that must be answered by the media being modelled. Clique Space simply provides an environment in which the activity state of connected devices is used to depict coordinated collaborative activity between the devices' operators. Clique Space is more than a Role-Based Access Controller for no RBAC system I have seen asserts that it can create a device-independent model of the collaborative encounter of two or more participants (Participants), each of which are represented by one or more individual users, or are anonymous.

While a Clique Space might require a suitable Media Profile to be installed before it can model a particular medium, a Media Profile does not realise collaborations' underlying mechanics, nor does it instruct Clique Space how to physically realise the underlying machinery of the medium's implementation. The Media Profile simply exposes the existing components of this machinery to the Clique Space system in a manner that serves the intersection of the intents of the individual or organisation responsible for the Media Profile, the Clique Space's administration, and the individuals who make use of the Media Profile and a given Clique Space when they connect a device through the Media Profile to the given Clique Space using an Affiliation that identifies a role to an Account that identifies the individual.

Through this model, collaborative instances (Cliques) may be controlled and audit logs may be taken in accordance with every connected user's ability to do these things. I assert that Clique Space is the first contrivance of its type.

Does anyone have a differing opinion?

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