Friday, April 2, 2010

The Clique Space(TM) Agent Device.

I have been pondering how much alike an Agent Device is to the Client Devices (devices everyone possesses from time to time - things like phones, computers, cars, televisions, refrigerators, bicycles, etc.) that connect to an Agent Device so each might be able to be seen in a Clique Space to other users so connected. My ponderings were whimsically flowing over the subject of what of the Agent Device is being modelled in Clique Space.

It goes like this: any device one connects to Clique Space has something in common with any other device: each device can talk to selected others based on mechanical characteristics that enable this communication to take place. Each and every device connected to a Clique Space gives Clique Space information about its operating state so Clique Space can model this state and communicate it to devices which have the capability of rendering this model in some specific way in accordance to the medium of such a device. Such a device has connected to a particular Clique Space so that it can render (and possibly persist) this device activity model.

Each device which is connected to Clique Space is ultimately responsible for two things: it has to accurately 1. convey and control its place in the mechanical orchestra of its specific medium so that Clique Space 2. can accurately cross-reference the specific device's state with that of others and generate a model of user collaborations. A device has responsibility to accurately convey collaboration between 1. like devices in a specific collaboration, and 2. a Clique Space when connected to one so that the device's collaborative behaviour may be modelled (and controlled) within Cliques.

So, back to the original focus of my pondering. What dual responsibilities does an Agent Device have? Well, 1. an Agent Device collaborates with other Agent Devices over a medium known as Clique Space, so an Agent Device is therefore responsible for accurately conveying its state within this medium; 2. the Agent Device must communicate its state within a Clique Space it is a member of (and to which it also possesses a Connection) so that Clique Space can maintain an accurate model of the collaboration (a Clique) that represents that Clique Space's collaboration.

I love self-contained self-reference. Since I programmed in Smalltalk, it has been the singular most compelling subject responsible for exerting force on my attention, locking my gaze in an embrace that I appear unable (or unwilling - though perhaps I don't see a difference in this respect) to escape from. I believe such a subject is wholly or significantly responsible for the phenomenon of consciousness.


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