Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Clique Space(TM) value proposition.

What is Clique Space? How does it differ from anything out in the marketplace today?

This question is a nagging one that I haven't yet successfully explained. Here, I quote a piece of a letter I have just written to someone as an attempt to illustrate Clique Space's value. The boldface was added by me here in this blog entry.

Clique Space receives changes in the state of a Client Device which is connected using an Account that represents the individual responsible for that device's operation. The Connection thus formed is activated against an Affiliation so the individual can operate their Client Device in the Clique Space. An individual may obtain as many Active Affiliations for as many Client Devices as they wish, and may assign a level of access to [their Active Affiliations by] other individuals in a way that suits themselves, and any organisation which has created an Affiliation for them. Collaboration between two or more Active Affiliations are registered Cliques in which each Active Affiliation is registered as a Participant.

So, in essence, Clique Space is a user and collaboration activity modelling environment. Clique Space provides the opportunity to 1: collect information concerning an individual's use of one or more Client Devices they are operating, and 2: control the way these Client Devices behave in respect of the individual that is operating them, and the organisation that the individual may elect to be representing while they are operating them.

I do not intended Clique Space replace any existing transport mechanism, nor do I intend that Clique Space would replace an access control layer. It would use what is already there to support Clique Space's intended purpose. Indeed, an existing system may create the equivalent of Accounts, Media Profiles, and Account Profiles. These comparable entities would manifest themselves within Clique Space so that Affiliations can be assigned and Connections and Active Affiliations can be obtained.

How's that? Let me know...

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