Sunday, September 24, 2017

Refactoring and some name changes.

I've decided to change more names.

The Agent Device is now known as the Neuron. The capitalisation is intended to convey that all that has happened here is that an existing concept in the patent has merely been given a different name because after some deliberation over these years, I have finally decided to run with my intuition and give this beast the name I think is obvious.

The administrator client (without capitals because I believe the mechanism wasn't an accurately described part of the original patent) has actually been split into two projects. The first, called the "glial device", is believed to have function similar to what neuroglia in our nervous system possess. These type of Client Devices can receive messages and send challenges (explained in a previous blog entry somewhere), but cannot themselves contribute to the cognitive function of a given Clique Space(TM) because they cannot send messages and receive challenges. These Client Devices are rather more observers to the activity which is primarily mediated by the Neurons. The glial device is abstract; it contains the engagement logic necessary to behave like a glial cell should.

The second project is tentatively called the "renderer" does what it might suggest to the reader: it renders all the Clique Space components (Elements and Cliques) in a nice graphical context known in the patent as the View. Although very little has been implemented, recent thoughts directed to the presentation seem to have kept the original intentions largely intact with one current exception: a Clique and its collection of Participant Chips will not (currently at least) have a bounded ellipse. The implementation of a bounded ellipse turns out to be out of my capability. I don't know too much about matrices or coefficients or parametric equations to really make sense of the bounded ellipse; I thought a bounded circle (which I had found an algorithm that worked) would be something I could use, but then I just thought that having an unbounded tessellation of Participant Chips itself indicate the Clique to which they belong would be enough for now... maybe this will be enough for ever but I'm going to see how things work with this idea before I commit to any measure of permanency.

Oh, I'm still here... yay!

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