Saturday, April 8, 2017

Agent Devices are neurons and Administrator Clients are glia.

I'm still here. Doing Clique Space (TM). Drip drip drip.

The pattern seems almost too obvious to actually use, but I suppose I am reaching a state of comfort that might permit another name change.

Agent Devices manage, coordinate, and ultimately implement the dissemination of state within and between Realms. Agent Devices create two synapses when two instances of an Agent Device engage each other. Agent Devices can send and receive message and challenge signals. Agent Devices must be neurons.

Administrator Clients observe the flow of state. Administrator Clients create a single synapse between themselves and the one or more Agent Devices with which they are engaged. Administrator Clients can only receive message signals and send challenge signals. Administrator Clients must be glia.

If usage of the terms Neuron and glia become common place in future blog entries, this will have been because they have replaced the terms Agent Device and administrator client respectively. Neuron will always be a proper noun while glia will be common and therefore will not be capitalised when used in a sentence anywhere else than as the first word.

Glia represent undifferentiated support cells and hence my usage of the term is in this sense, even though administrator clients are a specific type of glial cell. The term administrator client may still have use when I have to craft glial cells that serve other purposes. Maybe the term administrator client has outlived its usefulness; I think I might instead opt for a single monosyllable like "probe" being that I seem to be gradually crafting this Client Device (I might yet keep that term in reference to both glia and Neurons) to provide real-time information on a Clique Space neural cluster.

Maybe the best I can hope for is to put this on GitHub, but I haven't come to that conclusion yet.

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