Thursday, January 7, 2016

Still here.

I'm still here. Still getting this Clique Space(TM) thing to work.

However, I fear that the things I'm working on at this point in time are not protected by my patent. They feel significantly different to the scheme published in the patents that I think disclosing them on this blog at this point in time would risk letting ideas escape into the public domain.

The patents (3 of them covering the Australian, US and New Zealand jurisdictions) talk of what components would need to form the bases of a real-time communications medium capable of representing individuals as a collection of devices that each operate. These patents form the shell of the idea.

I feel that the development of these ideas has created mechanisms that go deeper than the shell of these ideas; that I have penetrated this shell into the soft inner form to which I had only faith in the shell's containment as a guide.

I had faith because I had no idea of what was within when I put my ideas to a patent. I thought the ideas disclosed a simple system; maybe it is a system that is too simple for me to comprehend. Although I am now navigating a world where contingent ideas to those disclosed in the patent dominate, my faith hasn't wavered yet. I guess I might never finish. I may chase my tail to my end.

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