Monday, December 16, 2013

Response to an Unexpected Email about Clique Space(TM).

Here's a copy of everything but the first two and final paragraphs of an email response I gave to an unexpected email I received this morning:

  • Clique Space is still a concept without a proof, it is currently a Java SE subversion managed code base. I started development in about July 2008, and anticipated (guessed) that two years should be long enough to prove the ideas. So, although I didn't anticipate the proof to take as long as it has, what has kept me going is a steady increase in my confidence when I see solutions evolve around implementation details that underscore the primacy of the underlying data [model].

    I believe that at the moment, I am currently in greatest need of two things: funding for coders and intellectual property protections.

    I have absolutely no money. While that doesn't stop me proving my concept, progress is awfully slow. Alone, I can't offer any payment for the efforts of another person to help on the proof, but I might be able to offer an equity stake so that should the concept actually work, any individual who helped in the development would likewise share in any earnings. If I was offering this equity stake to an individual or a small organisation, I would anticipate this stake to be very small. While I currently own 100% of Clique Space, I would anticipate my direct stake in Clique Space to ultimately be very small if the concept attracts the right attention.

    My stake in the IP, currently at 100%, is also negotiable. I would hope that the implementation might become subject to an OSS licence, and that a self-sustaining community would form to support the subsequent evolution of a proven concept.

    You have probably come to me because you have read my blog, and noticed that while perhaps, I have a great idea, I'm not great at promoting it. I would certainly appreciate help here. As a general rule, I am not one who is given to a jet set life of international hobnobbing; I kind of like my life here in Wollongong.
 It gave me an opportunity to disclose more of my state of progress, so I have quoted it in this entry.

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