Tuesday, November 12, 2013


In month/day/year, a nice date to record a possible milestone.

This day sees the establishment of a rough-hewn version of the observer Media Profile spine; that spine which allows Agent Devices to keep a record of which other Agent Devices know of a particular principle or fact.

The observer mechanism permits collaborating clusters of Agent Devices to send transmitters containing signals that alter the state of an observer Clique. Signal transmitters (transmitters that contain a signal indicating the change in state of a particular principle or the constitution of the principle's observer Clique) can include the addition and removal of observer Participants reflecting which Agent Devices know of a particular subject principle, as well as the addition and removal of facts which the subject contains.

Signal transmitters are propagated in waves through the physical Agent Device cluster (the Agent Collaboration) in accordance with the synaptic channels established between neighbouring Agent Devices. Questions entertaining the nature of this propagation are gaining prominence; every Agent Device within a Clique not only needs to be informed of a change in the Clique's state, but once informed, an Agent Device needs to "back-propagate" the fact that it has been informed to every other member of the principle's observer Clique. Back-propagation is a type of transmission because, like signal transmission, back-propagation must necessarily use the synapse mechanism as this mechanism provides the physical medium of transmission from one Agent Device to another.

Such a mechanism involving back-propagation would afford all agent devices the ability to be continually informed of the operational state of every other Agent Device participating in the observer Clique. Cliques can be reorganised if any participating Agent Device fails to back-propagate a signal.

I fear that I'll be informing the world of too much if I say any more at this point in time. Maybe, perhaps, I'm just weird, and this Clique Space (TM) thing is keeping me suitably distracted.

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