Monday, December 17, 2012

Reflection on the Sovereign completes this picture.

My last deliberations pointed me to something structural in Clique Space(TM) which has given me some pause for further reflection.

Most of my posts in this blog rest on my attempts to explain and justify the efficacy of my core Clique Space concept. This core concept comprises ideas including Cliques, Clique Spaces and an assortment of Elements, all of which I am now implementing in a Java SE environment. While implementing this concept, I am looking at what its potential implications (other than those given in the patent) are. My previous post where I deliberated the subject of the expression of an individual in synthetic media has been echoing in my head since.

One trivial matter I have decided to address is to change the name of the Axle Element. It is now going to be known as the Sovereign. The Axle is potentially a target of cynical heckling: I can see people having a good time at my expense with labels like Axle holder. And anyway, I like the term Sovereign because one possesses sovereignty less than one is a Sovereign individual. I named this Element the Account in the patent because I simply hadn't come up with a better term at that point.

A far less trivial matter revolves around the relevance of this Sovereign. My need to reflect was born of what I have felt for some time was the lack of a mechanism linking the collaboration of individuals to the exchange of state information between Agent Devices and between Agent Devices and other external devices. I think today's reflection has finally forged this link.

The Axle, being renamed the Sovereign also ties in with the main subject of today's deliberation: the Sovereign's Clique Space. The Sovereign's Clique Space represents the individual. The Sovereign's Clique Space is a Clique Space which contains, as its Clique Space's Clique, a Clique otherwise known as the Sovereign's Clique. The Sovereign's Clique contains Participants which represent the Agent Collaboration which manifest the Sovereign's Clique Space. To underscore the formal convenience of this structure, the Sovereign's Clique Space and the Sovereign's Clique both have the same name; the value of the Sovereign's Identifier.

If a sentient individual manifest in a medium incompatible to Clique Space (a human being as we are currently manifest) might want to gain a vicarious presence in a Clique Space aware medium, then one might fashion a Sovereign's Clique Space made up of Agent Devices which are insufficiently capable of self-awareness and use this Agent Collaboration as a kind of Clique Space skin, endowing the individual with much of the ability to participate in collaborations mediated through Clique Space.

I think that the Sovereign Clique's member Participants may come to be considered sacred information knowable only to the individual manifest through the Agent Collaboration concerned. This is because the individual will want (and should have) unfettered possession of the Agent Devices which make up that individual; no one very much so in their right mind would want to unwillingly expose the mechanics responsible for their mind's functioning to the possibility of exploitation by external intentions. I believe the Sovereign's Clique Space mechanism is fit for the purposes of upholding the individual's sovereign and sacred nature.

All of this came together on today's walk. It appears to me to be a level higher than the synaptic map, but lower than an Agent Collaboration's Clique Space that might represent an entity formed of some cooperative endeavour; an Agent Collaboration's Clique Space which might otherwise be known as an organisation's Clique Space. I felt that my picture of this Clique Space strata needed some mechanism which set the manifestation of an individual through a Clique Space apart from the manifestation of an organisation through a Clique Space.

I had worried that something like this was missing from my deliberations for some years, and that what was missing was a mechanism of such profundity as would underscore an individual's sovereign (uncapitalised because I'm referring to the phenomenon rather than the component of my concept designed to capture this phenomenon), sacred and pre-eminent distinction; something which would endow the manifestation of the individual some distinguishing feature through which inalienable and inviolable rights afforded to an individual can then be assigned. The Sovereign's Clique Space is this mechanism; it uses nothing more than the core concepts given in the patent. It qualifies the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space which was given in the patent. The organisation's Clique Space is a version of the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space in which the Clique Space Clique would not have a name which is associated with a Sovereign Element identifier's value. All Agent Device members of the organisation Clique Space's Clique Space Clique would be members by consent of the individuals who claimed Sovereign possession of these members because an organisation's Clique Space Clique lacks the necessary mechanism to claim sovereign possession.

The Sovereign's Clique Space is a necessary middle level joining the potential for activity between individuals possible through an organisation's Clique Space, to the exchanging of Elements and their properties between any two Agent Devices which is the purpose of the synaptic map and the logical synapse.

So, it can be said that there are three basic layers to Clique Space, and each of these layers is denoted by a particular flavour of Clique Space. The bottom layer is concerned with the creation and transfer of Elements and their properties, is comprised of two Clique Spaces: the "synaptic map" and the "synapse". The second layer is concerned with the manifestation of or at least the interface for sentient participants, and its Clique Space is called the Sovereign's Clique Space. The third layer is the organisation's Clique Space, and this is where business and government organisations are manifest. I believe the middle layer, where notions of general sentience are situated, will complete the specification for a general medium which will become to be known by everyone who uses it, and who is manifest in it, as Clique Space.

To have come full-circle; starting with the Sovereign as the core Element of a core concept, then using the remaining core Elements and structures defined with them to bring a focus back to underscore the primacy of the Sovereign, is one of those things one does that induces pride and beauty in the aesthetic qualities of function. Something I have spent my lifetime chasing.

... of course, this has to work too.