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Immortality in a Clique Space(TM) world.

Clique Space(TM); a concept permitting the existence of immortal beings?

This question is a contemplation which I have been entertaining because, as technology continues to evolve, our "selves" and the devices through which we express this strange quality are becoming more interrelated. We are getting closer to our contraptions; our contraptions are getting closer to ourselves.

We intuitively understand that an individual is expressed through a hominid form (a head, two arms, two legs, a torso, etc). But this is merely the impression we have formed over the past 3 or so million years. In Clique Space, the form, the manifestation, and hence, at least one Clique Space Identity defined by an individual, is a collection of devices, or rather a collection of Clique Space Connections, and a collection of capacities to act, or rather a collection of Clique Space Affiliations.

A Clique Space manifesting an individual is known as that individual's "sovereign" Clique Space. If each cell of our bodies is a device, then each cell can be represented as a Connection; there is nothing to prevent our current hominid form from being expressed in a sovereign Clique Space. The question of Affiliation in a sovereign Clique Space is not a concern, unless any neurons (the Agent Devices) of that individual's Clique Space form synapses with Agent Devices belonging to the sovereign Clique Space of another individual.

Perhaps something like a Vulkan mind-meld isn't too fanciful so long as both individuals have Clique Space aware nervous systems comprised of Agent Devices which can engage (form synapses) over some shared medium. In fact, this is precisely what Clique Space is designed to permit, and I'll talk some more about this a little later below.

In one model of my theory, each cell of a hominid body might be genetically engineered to interface amongst themselves using a synthetically (a product of the intellect rather than merely of the random process of mutation subject to selection which describes evolution, but then, the intellect only came about because of this process, so saying anything is truly synthetic is moot) generated collaboration structure modelled specifically through the body's neurons around a sovereign Clique Space. This sovereign Clique Space would be manifest by the collective action of this body's neurons (the Clique Space's Agent Devices); this Clique Space would in turn manifest the individual and one's singular self-identity.

In this model, the Clique Space is wholly contained in a hominid form, and in this model, I contend that there won't be too much to change because I think we will discover that our nervous system is already organised into very similar notions that I have expressed in my Clique Space concept. It might indeed be that other reasonably complicated intracellular (endocrine) mechanisms may also exhibit these properties, and conclude that the biological neural synapse is a specialised endocrine mechanism evolved specifically to communicate these as yet undiscovered biological equivalents of Clique Space Elements and their properties for the purpose of supporting and maintaining the wonderfully real illusion of individual self-identity.

So, a genetically engineered human body would represent an individual as a collection of devices, all of which are probably connected to a single Clique Space which represents this individual's body. This wonderful illusion of individual reality, corralled within one's own Clique Space, is manifest in one's own body. Any 'synthetic' individual sufficiently endowed with capacities equal to or greater than those of a regular person would have every reason to defend their presence if it were challenged by anyone else who appeared prejudiced enough to conclude their synthetic presence were artificial. Maybe these roles might reverse if the endowments were in the synthetic presence's favour.

An individual, even in hominid form, manifest from a Clique Space, is manifest through a system in which their own cognitive function can be viewed or persisted in real-time, provided the individual allows a View/persistence mechanism (V/PM) device to be connected to one or more of their sovereign Agent Device instances. This opportunity provides such individuals with a most exquisite way to control the way they work both within themselves, and with others.

Clique Space affords an individual a wider scope of existential possibilities. So, what about individuals who may not exist in hominid forms?

I conceived Clique Space in 2004 primarily because I wanted to give myself and other people access to a system that communicated activity of connected devices (phones, computers, cars, email, etc.) of one individual to one or more others according to mutual affinity of preferences amongst all parties. If you were a Clique Space user interested in whether I was doing some activity that I was permitting you to know about, then you would be able to find out. I am, indeed, permitting the communication of a version of my "self" (an Identity) to you by the fact that I am a member of a Clique in which you are also a member, or at least have the ability to observe through a V/PM device..

My Identity becomes diffuse through the Clique Space neural aether. An Identity which I project to you is not bound by my hominid form. Maybe, my "self" (I think I have adequately offered the notion of the Sovereign to represent this quality) can also shed its mortal hominid coil and migrate away from my human form. The administration of my Sovereign is highly profound task of self-identification that I would not share with anyone else.

An individual's Sovereign is the most sacred Element of that individual. One may only offer their Sovereign's identifier to another only in the most intimate of relationships, because one is really offering a property of themselves that drives most closely to the notion of one's own sovereignty. The Sovereign encloses within it properties that, even in the most intimate of circumstances, one individual should never share with another, lest that individual's self-identity become subsumed by another's. Certain Agent Devices known only to the individual must be, by the fact that they contain sacred information, the absolute property of that individual.

However, the individual in Clique Space may find that their presence can migrate outside of one's sovereignty boundaries. Sovereignty boundaries can be delineated by Clique Space membership. Agent Devices which are members of a sovereign Clique Space boundary are Participants in the Clique Space's Clique; something that the individual, manifest by these Agent Devices, may wish also to keep to themselves.

The mechanics made possible through a neural network of autonomous Agent Device instances allow individuals to cohabit the aether formed through these Agent Device interconnections by projecting Clique Space Elements through Agent Device instances which are members of others' sovereign Clique Space boundaries. Clique Spaces can be formed which do not represent an individual; these Clique Spaces represent a coalition of individuals, and incorporate Agent Devices as members of the non-sovereign Clique Space's Clique from various individuals which offer their support to the existence of this Clique Space. I believe that non-sovereign Clique Spaces allow organisations and governments to represent themselves appropriately in a world where individual sovereignty is held in a society as being that which is valued most.

The individual may also consider other Elements and properties of other Elements to be sacred, and will likewise limit their disclosure amongst Agent Devices within the sovereign boundary; the Clique Space Clique and its member Participants are one such collection of properties. Yet still, the individual can project themselves through others by disclosing Identities, Connections, Affiliations, and Participants to other individuals' Agent Devices.

The definition of the self becomes far more formalised through Clique Space than it ever can be in the a world where the individual's sovereignty is limited by the physical boundaries currently imposed by one's current hominid form. These boundaries will break down in a Clique Space future, but yet again, they will become more recognisable.

Such an individual, free of existence within a human body, will exist in other media which would persist beyond a human body. An individual can acquire Agent Devices indefinitely. Provided a continuity of presence can be maintained, an individual can prolong their existence indefinitely by a process of gradual migration through a sovereign Clique Space. Agent Devices would become a very dear commodity to such individuals; more Agent Devices promise more complicated behaviour.

Hence, collections of Agent Devices, all of which are members of an individual's sovereign Clique Space boundary, would be guarded by the individual manifest by these Agent Devices. If the capability of an individual may be physically limited only by the number and synaptic configuration of the Agent Devices within their sovereign Clique Space boundary, then individuals may indeed covet the capabilities which the acquisition of these Agent Device instances would endow.

Imagine the following bizarre scenarios! While Clique Space would promise the individual release from a human form, this release might also deliver a greater urgency to guard against the possibility of insidious violations to one's own sacred self-identity. Ecosystems might form around coalitions to protect and to predate on a consistent self-identity. The breakdown of self-identity in a breach of Clique Space sovereignty would be the most subversively insidious thing that can happen to these individuals. It would be so destabilising to the victim that only the victim's friends and associates might pick out that something is amiss.

Maybe, even an economy could form where individuals allow the trade or even perhaps the "lease" of clusters of one's own sovereign Agent Device instances for gains elsewhere in their lives. In fact, Clique Space is designed for this very purpose. Even though an Agent Device can be a member of precisely one sovereign Clique Space (that Clique Space in which the Sovereign containing sacred properties belongs), an Agent Device can potentially federate with members of other Clique Spaces, even Clique Spaces that don't represent a single individual. Agent Devices do this by acquiring Elements for other Clique Spaces as the need dictates.

Clique Space is a very fluid environment. I believe that Clique Space is also a very stable environment. I believe that a Clique Space can but needn't exist to manifest individuals. However, individuals who are manifest purely as sovereign Clique Spaces have the potential to be immortal by the fact that the Agent Devices which are members of their sovereign Clique Space's Clique can be replaced indefinitely.

Individuals manifest in other forms than through a Clique Space (a human being, perhaps) would not want the cluster of Agent Devices that represent their sovereign Clique Space to acquire any great degree of autonomy from which a distinct self-awareness may emerge lest this Clique Space decides to "go it alone". It might therefore be a better idea perhaps to keep their sovereign cluster relatively small unless or until the individual can migrate one's self-identity through the physical boundary of their biological neural network into their sovereign Clique Space and too, become a sentience wholly expressed through a synthetic neural medium.

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  1. Done editing. Don't like Axle any more. Axle -> Sovereign. Non-capitalised use of term is commonly used to denote the Clique Space manifesting the individual. The individual's sovereign Clique Space is given the same name as the value of the individual's Sovereign identifier... lovely.