Friday, January 27, 2012

Another exorcism.

I want to work in a part-time job (20 hours pro-rated full time weekly earnings) from home (95%+ of my time in a location of my choosing). Up to now, I have been a one-time employee of IBM. I left IBM because I appear to have a personality that does not lend itself to a full-time job in an office cubical; at least a personality that does not spare me a nervous breakdown if I try to participate in this mediocrity.

So, here's the letter I wrote to IBM, about 40 politicians and public servants, and a lawyer:

  • I charge IBM with the following:

    Innumerable counts of tacit complicity to participate in a system of moral sterilisation; of removing the ability for people with personality traits labelled as undesirable to make a worthwhile contribution to the society within which they exist.

    I intend these allegations to be met with the full legal and political weight. I expect there to be corrective action in relation to these allegations. I expect IBM to be held as an accountable example of this systemic behaviour. I expect IBM to come to heel.


    Employment-from-home. Make mine part-time.
    You've go a job for me working full-time from an office? No thanks.
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I want to work for IBM again, but I do want to work in a way that works for me, and I want IBM to accept that it has work that I am particularly suited for - something I have known for 26 years.

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