Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Clique Owners and the resolution of "squabbles".

The implementation has brought me to the question of the resolution of confusion that would inevitably arise when different versions of Clique Space(TM) Elements are flying around, and being communicated to devices; which version is the true version.

This is a significant issue to the smooth operation of the Clique Space. This issue is equally significant to all devices that are connected within a Clique Space domain, and between federated domains. The issue is critically significant to all devices that use Clique Space, and counts directly to Clique Space's efficacy.

So, considering this issue earlier, I envisaged that one Agent Device in every Clique Space was responsible for the consistency of all the Clique Space's Elements. Furthermore, I envisaged that one Participant of every Clique would be responsible for the consistent communication of all Participants' device status. As a Clique Space is itself, modelled in a Clique, any Agent Device which has the ultimate say in the state of a Clique Space and its constituent Elements is designated the Clique's Owner for that Clique Space's Clique just as the case is true for the Agent Device that is serving any other device associated with a Participant designated as that Clique's Owner.

Hence, in any medium, a Clique's Owner is a critical designation; fulfilling the necessary realisation of an ultimate chain of responsibility that ends with a single Agent Device as arbiter of squabbles that would ensue when, consequent to changes in device state, different versions of Elements exist simultaneously. Such squabbles need to be resolved quickly so that a Clique Space can be restored to a consistent internal reflection of the state of all devices.

So, the following observations can be made about Clique Owners.
  1. The general case for all devices

    The Clique's Owner Agent Device (the Agent Device serving a device assigned as one or more Participants - one of which is designated as the Clique's Owner) is the Agent Device responsible for the consistent representation of all Participants in that Clique.

  2. The specific case for a Clique that is modelling the underlying Agent Collaboration

    The Clique's Owner Agent Device (a particular Agent Device which is manifest by one or more Participants - one of which is designated as the Clique's Owner) is ultimately responsible for the existence and state of all Clique Space Elements in that Clique Space.
Hence, general Clique Owners are the lords of their Cliques, while a Clique Space's Clique Owner is the sovereign representative of a particular Clique Space domain - much like a King or President. The Clique Space Owner may hence be the prime target for a cyber attack in the Clique Space system, while a Clique Owner in any other medium might be the target of such an attack which would be limited only to the particular medium being modelled.

Ownership, influential power, concepts of sovereignty, and ways and means to overthrow and resist attempts to overthrow, become a central consideration in cyberspace as they may ever have been in any other physical sense.

I firmly believe that something like Clique Space can largely cast aside myths that the internet is a place where anonymity over any telecommunications medium can be maintained. It is at least theoretically possible that access to and use of a telecommunications infrastructure of any type can be totally supervised by a Clique Space system.

This might be a controversial claim, but it is one that remains to be disproved. I believe that whoever implements a truly real-time media agnostic audit and control system, they will find that they will have had to do this in accordance with my specification for Clique Space.

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