Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clique Space(TM) Progress Report

Over the past week or so I have been working on the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space, and yesterday reached a break-through of sorts.

I can create a multi party Agent Collaboration Clique Space on the device designated as the Clique Space Owner. Although the underlying Agent Collaboration does not yet distribute the Clique Space and its contents to all member Agent Devices which are recorded as Participants in the Clique representing the Agent Collaboration, the Clique Owner (the Clique Space and the Agent Collaboration Owner) "invites" the prospective members into this Agent Collaboration by requesting each to divulge identifying characteristics about themselves corresponding to the Agent Device's device Participant identifiers supplied by the administrator Client Device directing the Agent Device to create the new Clique Space, and hence form the new Clique.

As I work further on this, I realise further just how flexible and elegant my concept is. For instance, in this case, I now realise how I can improve the way the Agent Devices are asked to form the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space. At the moment, I direct the administrator tool (the Client Device in this case) to Connect to each Agent Device, and from there, I issue a special "create cliquespace" command to one of the Agent Devices, supplying the administrator tool's delegate Connections obtained from each other prospective member. Even though I think this is a very good first try at the formation of an Agent Collaboration's Clique Space, think this is a little too "special" in that I am making excuses for the Clique Spaces' creation that go beyond my original specification; I am saying that Clique Spaces are more than just a collection of devices participating in some collaborative activity, ipso facto raising Clique Spaces above mere collaborations between devices.

I do not believe Clique Spaces are more than mere collaborations between devices. I am actually thinking how I might bring the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space down to the same plebby collaboration level possible between any set of devices. I believe this will involve a federation between the Agent Collaboration's and the Agent Devices' Clique Spaces because at this moment, the Connections that look most suitable to be activated in the Agent Collaboration's Clique Space are the ones that each member Agent Device creates to their own Agent Device's Clique Space.

This way of Agent Collaboration Clique Space membership is very intriguing, and demonstrates an immediate utility of federation I hadn't hitherto though of.

More to come... evidently.

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