Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It works?

A Clique Space(TM)  device appears almost to function as a quasi-autonomous agent. There is, however, one obstacle: the disengagement operation.

I've discussed this subject before in past blog entries. Any two devices that engage must necessarily disengage, but disengagement is not engagement in reverse. Instead, the process by which two devices engage each other is a process whereby structures that synchronise both (two synapses, two corresponding postsynaptic subscribers) are created; disengagement is a process where these structures are destroyed. There is no symmetry beyond this obvious necessity.

In the creation of a synapse, the two devices must synchronise the state of each other's postsynaptic subscribers created for this engagment, and this synchronisation must continue until both devices have disengaged whereupon these postsynaptic subscribers are destroyed.

I believe I have a fairly robust solution for engagement. Although the same cannot be said of the disengagement, maybe I am almost there...

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