Sunday, January 25, 2015

It Works! Part 1.

Finally, after 6.5 years of coding, Clique Space(TM) works... kind of.

But that's right... it does indeed do something non-trivial. An Agent Device will now engage and disengage one or more administrator clients. I just got it working... not more than 20 minutes ago.

The synapse: works.
The service: works.
The subscriber: works.
The subscription: works.
The context: works.
The payload: works.
The transmitter: works.
The device: works.
The signal: works.
The Element: works.
The principle: works.
The root profile: works.
The Participant: works.

These components comprise most of the implementation of Clique Space's real-time manifestation mechanism. This mechanism (for Agent Device - administrator client engagements only): works.

Now, I've gotta get two or more Agent Devices to engage themselves over a Sovereign's Clique Space. That is, I've got to get Agent Devices to form neural clusters based on a secret that is never shared between devices called "That Which is Sacred"(TM... perhaps?) - the Clique Spaces that manifest Sovereigns, modelled in a Clique(TM) called the Viscera(TM).

After that, I'll:
  1. try and get two or more Agent Devices from different Sovereigns to engage each other in a "Congressional(TM) (formerly known as an Agent Collaboration) Clique Space.
  2. try to make devices more robust and able to reconfigure engagements in adverse environmental conditions.

I think that the real-time reconfiguration under adversity is really going to take some time to nut out.

To the viscera and beyond...

.. gotta love all this TM'ing. Well, it is mine, so mits off!

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