Friday, November 14, 2014


Clique Space (TM). I am still doing it! It is evolving... not changing from my intentions, but growing in its ability to express my intentions.

Agent Devices and administrator clients can now engage and disengage. There are no less than three Cliques that are formed when an Agent Device engages an administrator client: two synapses and a service Clique. The two synapses are needed to represent and model the transmission channels from one device to the other and vice versa. The service represents the client/server relationship shared between the administrator client and the Agent Device.

The beautiful thing about the three Clique structure appears to be that two Agent Devices are going to use a similar three Clique engagement strategy as the Agent Device - administrator client uses, but in subtle but quite elegant way which is particularly suited to the purpose of the Agent Device - Agent Device engagement semantics. The synapses exist for the same reason: to transmit state between Agent Devices, but the service Clique is called something quite different because it has an altogether profoundly different function.

When an Agent Device is started with a new Sovereign Identity, it creates a Clique called a "viscera". I like the term; it actually encompasses the very core of the Clique Space concept: the self. Every sovereign Clique Space needs a viscera to function. The viscera discloses to every Agent Device which has joined it all members of the viscera. It allows the Sovereign to function by virtue of the fact that all member Agent Devices comprising the Sovereign are disclosed to all others through the viscera.

When two Agent Devices, being of the same Sovereign, engage one another, and the initiator engages a respondent otherwise not engaged by any other Agent Device, then both the initiator and respondent know that the respondent is joining the viscera, and the respondent (I think... this hasn't been done yet) will create and transmit the identity of a new viscera Participant back to the initiator. The initiator will advise all its co-engaged neighbours of the new member, and all these Agent Devices will do the same to their neighbours, thereby creating a wave front which will make its way through all the Agent Devices associated with the viscera.

The viscera would be comprised of very many Agent Devices (millions to billions and beyond) and would constitute the physical manifestation of an individual presence that would emerge from such a system. The term was chosen because it appears obvious to me that disbanding the viscera should be known as evisceration.

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