Thursday, May 23, 2013

A crucial mechanism.

A short narrative about the structure of the Clique Space(TM) "component" mechanism is disclosed here.

Components are pieces of information that an Agent Device knows about.

Components are stored in an Agent Device's component container.

Components must implement methods which are called when added to and removed from the Agent Device's component container. These call-backs give the component implementations the opportunity to manage their lifecycle.

Cliques, Elements, Clique Spaces, and data representing external device state when represented in Clique Space, are all components. Cliques, Elements and Clique Spaces comprise state information relevant to Agent Devices - an Agent Device is merely a device which, through one or more Clique Spaces, is modelled in terms of the individual who possesses it as one or more Participants. Each Participant is associated to precisely one Clique and one Clique Space.

An observable component is a component to which an observer Clique can be assigned.

An observer Clique is a Clique that represents all Agent Devices which have a copy of a given observable component.

No observer Clique exists if only one Agent Device has a copy of the given component.

All components except the Clique and its observer Clique subtype are observable.

A communicable component is a component which can be transmitted by one Agent Device and received by another over a synapse.

All observable components except the Sovereign and the Sovereign's Clique Space are communicable.

One very interesting phenomenon about this mechanism is enabled in what is given in the final point of the above narrative: the Sovereign (specifically, the Sovereign's identifier) is known only to those Agent Devices in which the individual's presence is manifest. The Sovereign, and its Clique Space cannot be disclosed even between Agent Devices in which the individual's presence is manifest. The concept of an individual's sovereignty is so secret that Agent Devices which manifest the same individual presence cannot even communicate this information amongst themselves.

Why would a collection of Agent Devices (an Agent Collaboration) have anything to tell each other when they know who they are? A nervous system that makes up an individual has nothing of substance to share among its member neurons about the individual manifest by this membership; each individual member neuron already knows the individual it helps manifest by virtue of the fact that each member neuron possesses the secret which allows the individual to exist. This piece of information does not need to be communicated.

Instead, the individual manifest by an Agent Collaboration governed by a common Sovereign must be the only individual who knows the identifier of their own Sovereign. This identifier, after all, identifies the scope of their own existence. An individual may connect to their own Sovereign's Clique Space only if they know the value of their Sovereign's identifier. Hence, an individual would be well-placed never to allow another individual to know the value of their Sovereign's identifier; the consequences to such an individual's existence as a sovereign entity could be acutely bad.

On the flip side, the value of the Sovereign's identifier could be used as a private part to a key pair. An individual may still readily be identified as the presence manifest through different Connections, Affiliations or Identities if the individual wishes to disclose a digital signature with these Elements.

Hence, the value of the Sovereign's identifier (also the name of the Sovereign's Clique Space in my implementation) is a property which identifies an individual to themselves; a singular property of absolute value to the individual.


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