Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Telework and CEO stupidity.

Clique Space(TM) came about because I wanted a system that informed others of my real-time activity over anything that can connect to and exchange information with a Clique Space. However, in this short blog entry, I will talk of my frustrations - frustrations which mothered my invention. I'm going to offer a brief opinion on how Yahoo's chief executive made a strategic decision last week that bordered on insane for its lack of forethought.

Technology created to realise of a mode of work that society has long desired, exists in a society that levels blame at the feet of this mode whenever things unrelated to it need to be fixed. The fact that an edict can come down to rescind a telework condition from employees, as though it were a light switch that is tuned on and off at the whims of a micromanager looking for something other than management philosophy to demonise, only underscores the blatant wanton stupidity of some who have been selected into executive positions.

Someday, I hope telework will become a condition that is not subject to the whims of micromanaging idiots. Maybe someday, and organisation called The Clique Space Organisation will provide a sanctuary for development teams to produce quality software without a CEO who wants to blame flagging revenues and market share on the fuzzy notion that telework isn't "what is right for [The Clique Space Organisation] right now".

Employees at Yahoo who find their telework restored can only look forward to the privilege being removed again whenever the CEO wants to be seen to be addressing another unrelated problem. Fix the real cause of your company's problem Marissa Mayer; it sure as hell isn't telework.

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York city is reported to have said that telework is “one of the dumber ideas I’ve ever heard.”. I think that you, Mr Bloomberg, are an anachronism waiting for time to wash away.

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