Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Société Clique Space

Perhaps I illustrate the limits of my knowledge of the French language. C'est la vie...

Imagine that an individual within this world can determine which individual is responsible for every single bit of hardware and software - every device - one might come into contact with as one travels through life. Imagine an individual who can choose to ignore any device if they cannot readily determine who is responsible for a particular device. Imagine in this world, an individual who can record, in real time, the activity of any device one possesses, and can produce this device activity log as evidence of some interaction with other individuals at some future point in time.

This is Clique Space(TM). This concept uses the notion of constraints to provide a way for users to communicate mutual affinity between devices before these devices engage in a collaboration. Clique Space allows one individual to find any device possessed by an individual as easily as it will allow that individual to find an individual who possesses a device.

Technically, this mechanism exhibits many parallels with a nervous system. However, I am no authority on nervous systems, so my estimations on the similarity between Clique Space and a nervous system may be groundless, but I'd like that to be proven. My prototype is still incomplete, but I can now perhaps see what is left to be done.