Monday, September 10, 2012

Less on the Axle.

It is probably better that upon connecting, a Participant adapter (the Connection of an Agent Device or V/PM device) register itself with the Identity through which the Connection is expressed. This means that the Agent Device serving the device represented by the Participant adapter does not have to acquire the Axle's identifier in order to add a given Participant adapter to the Agent Device's set of served Participant adapters expressed in a given Axle. Perhaps this will permit the Agent Device instances to express these served Participant adapters in an Identity even when an Agent Device does not know the Identity's Axle.

It is hoped this will permit an individual to connect a device to an Agent Device operated by another individual without the first individual having to disclose their Axle to the second. I like this; it is a more flexible proposition.


  1. I think I'm done editing on this one now.

    I like the small cluster of single page reads I witness happen yesterday.

  2. Even if the advertiser wants to entice me with small clusters of page views, I will not then view their "traffic source" when they put one up. If you are genuinely interested in my idea, then get in contact with me expressing your genuine sentiment, or stay away, because I'm not interested in looking at what you've got if you're not interested in what I've got.

  3. Ai-ai-ai.

    At five minutes past 12 today, I just noticed my first page view from Israel.

    Happy Hanukkah.