Sunday, April 8, 2012

A request (possibly a plea) firstly to my German follower, but to anyone else who might like what I'm about.

Hello my follower from Germany.

I've noticed you for some time. Get back to me; I don't bite unless bitten, although I lend myself to cathartic attacks on politicians and others who have wronged me significantly. All I can surmise from my blog stats is that you're from Germany, that I believe you are one individual, and that you tend to visit my blog soon after I publish an entry. I too, am one individual and my progress is slow. I can use help.

I have patents on my concept, my code-base is (currently) proprietary and Clique Space is a trademark; but these legalities are simply intended to protect the value of my idea. I don't want to be a paranoid miser - I just want the world to know what is mine so that if what is mine does turn out to have any value, it is recognised by this world. Surely, there's nothing wrong with that.

Additionally, about three quarters of my blog's views come from the US, and I would believe a significant proportion of these would be from individuals who have, like my German friend, become genuinely interested enough in what I'm doing to want to register themselves as a follower.

It would be great to hear directly from anyone who has a genuine interest. My email can be found on my blog profile page. Alternatively, contact details are sure to be found by putting something like "Clique Space Owen Thomas" into a search engine.

Hear from you soon perhaps.

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