Friday, September 16, 2011

Clique Space(TM): A disengaging development.

Earlier this afternoon, and although perhaps a bit rough, I can now get two Agent Devices to disengage. The engage/disengage process has a wonderful parallel to the notion of the Agent Collaboration. This is because, like the Agent Collaboration (a manifestation of a Clique Space), a relationship being formed in the engage process and destroyed in the disengage process between two Agent Devices can be modelled as a Clique. As I have said before, this product, representing precisely two conjoined Agent Devices, appears to me to necessarily mirror the function of a synapse.

Because Clique Space should be able to model any collaboration between (or even within) a device, Clique Space should be capable of modelling collaborations between its own components. Hence, this means modelling collaborations at two levels: 1; at the level of the engage/disengage Agent Device Clique Space's synapse, and 2; at the level of form/join/leave/disband Agent Collaboration Clique Space's Clique.

Now, it appears that I still have one substantial obstacle to realising a minimally functional prototype: the Agent Collaboration's pulse message. At this time, functional specifics of a pulse are very sketchy, and much more thought than has been the case up until now will be directed to this pulse thing. While I deliberate, I will revisit the Client Device with the hope of simplifying its command syntax. This will hopefully 1; make a demonstration easier to understand, and 2; allow me to add commands in a more orderly manner, which will hopefully simplify the introduction of commands concerning the pulse message.

The Client and Agent Devices are co-evolving components; a significant observable property of Clique Space's development process is how development alternates, and at times goes on simultaneously, between the Agent and Client Devices.

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