Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Evolution of Implementation

As I write this, I'm contemplating the considerations to do with the implementation that I currently am entertaining. I find that, particularly as my implementation matures in functionality and I meet technical challenges with adequate solutions, I am working toward answering deeper philosophical questions; in other words, I find that the fuzziness of philosophical pondering begins to revolve around strongly technical matters as my implementation approaches realisation.

This is just as I hoped: the framing of fuzzy philosophical questions about notions of the self in practical implementation-based problems appears very achievable. I think that if I can continue to whittle down these notions into sharper technical problems, and indeed, if I can meet these problems with robust and simple technical solutions, I might provide some very sound answers to some very deep questions. This is a hope I have had with Clique Space(TM) since that day in mid-2004.

Word to your mother: philosophy is not the pursuit of dilettantes. The self has, for too long in a secular society, been something which has been avoided. If Clique Space answers questions about how the self might be defined and modelled (as I hope it will), a secular society might then just be in a position to pay respect to what it means to be a self; something only thus far which has barely moved beyond the province of religious mysticism.

Clique Space doesn't attempt to explain the origins of the self just as it doesn't attempt to explain the origins of the universe - but I think that it might at least show that such a notion as the self can be quantified, communicated, and asserted as a property of objects in the world.

I could indeed be a dick. If this is my ultimate discovery, then... eureka!

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  1. The first sentence of this post is in a class of its own.