Monday, March 14, 2011

Self simulation: causal loop closed.

Something that I had known since I conceived of Clique Space(TM) was the possibility of encountering a causal loop. Although I talk openly about self-reference, I didn't openly admit a causal loop to myself, and hence I haven't talked about it before, because I didn't really know how to deal with it. I felt it best just to continue with my implementation until it moved front and centre.

Indeed, recently, this is what seems to have happened. The issue is manifest in each of us. It concerns the origins of the self (the soul or the mind), and although I rarely give the issue much current personal reflection, this issue perplexes all of us when we do think about it. Although I don't believe I have given Clique Space a soul, I do believe I had to solve the basis of this issue for Clique Space: a self-referential causal loop.

Indeed, it appears that I have corralled this issue, which now rests in the creation of three Elements: the Agent Device's collaborator Connection and this Connection's component Account and Media Profiles.

I have done well.

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  1. This example was just one of the first instances in many where the menace of infinite regression has raised its head so far. I've since removed the collaborator's medium and now have partially reimplemented its functionality in other media.