Thursday, November 19, 2009

Passwords suck!!! Clique Space(TM) solves this.

I went round to my mother's earlier today to use her wireless network. I could not log on owing to the fact that I had deleted my connection to her network. and had forgotten the WPA password. After getting frustrated that I could not recall the password, I reset her router, and comprehensively stuffed every thing up. I left, indignant in my conviction that she needs to record her password somewhere.

Now, one should be able to connect one's router to a Clique Space. Once obtaining a connection to one's Account, the router's Connection would then be Activated against an Affiliation between the given Account and an appropriate Account Profile. One accesses one's router by Connecting a web browser under the same Account and either Activating an affiliation between this Account and an Account Profile that gives the requisite access, or by Activating an Affiliation for a different Account and a similar Account Profile if connected under a different Account.

Something really has to be done about the password garden. I hesitate to register with software services because I don't want to manage all the passwords this saddles me with. Yea yea, I know there are things like OpenID that might do this, but they're not as powerful as Clique Space, which might probably compliment OpenID's functionality.

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